Pre-filling linked records IS possible in a form!


Hi Lauren,

You should be able to prefill a field by editing the form share URL like in this article:

Keep in mind though that populating pre-fill data in the form view within the app or web-app is not possible. Only through share links and embeds can pre-filling of data be attained. This is also evident in the fact that you cannot submit data via a form view in the app or web-app.


Thanks, @Patrick_Ford1. I’ll look into that workflow…


I have read through all this and other forum articles and have been trying for a while BUT I cant seem to prefill a form with a linked data field using the record_id in the URL with prefill_ parameter.

@Airtable or anyone else please can you share a basic example of an url that works? or some info on restrictions or what might not work in this case?




Hi @cor I believe you would have to change the field name to something that does not have symbols in it that confuse the URL. For example putting slashes in a field name could be misread, as could the underscore, as in your case. Try renaming the field name.


Hey @cor! Rather than using the record_id, you’ll need to use the actual name of the field (as seen in your grid view) to reference in the prefill URL.

Hope that helps!