Pro trial plan - unable to send email through an automation

I work for a company that specializes in data consulting. I love Airtable and believe it could solve many issues for our business and our clients’, therefore I built a proof of concept to automate dynamic email reminders for my colleagues to showcase the value of the solution.
I’m using the temporary Pro plan (trial) on my workspace to set up the related automation. Sadly it seems the email feature is still locked even if I’m using this Pro plan since I got the following message:

“Cannot email non-collaborators on the current billing plan.”

Could you help me here?
I’d really like to show how efficient the platform is but I’m stuck because of this…


Hi @Ludovic_Moulard1

You might also want to send a copy of this post to Airtable Support at:

Hope this helps!

Mary Kay

You can only email collaborators on the trial plan. In other words, you can’t just email random email addresses — you can only email collaborators.

@M_k thank you!
@ScottWorld, my point is: this is the Pro trial plan, which should therefore include all the Pro plan features. I can use the other Pro-related features, but not this one.

Hi @Ludovic_Moulard1 there is some feature with you will not able to access until you make it “pro plan”
Like: -sending mail to anyone
- run script automatically

If that’s the case, this should really be documented as I worked a lot on this POC and now I cannot present it because of that.

Yeah, they could do a better job of documenting that. They don’t document it on their pricing page (which they should), and they “sort of mention it” on the 2 pages below.

Although the email limitation makes sense, in order to prevent spam.