Problem sorting by date in linked record …


I created a group of tables to record travel in our motor home. The first table is for general information and includes the name and date of the specific trip. It is sorted 1st by the trip name and 2nd by the date. Linked to this first table is a second table with the campgrounds we stay at. Since the date is included in the first table, I haven’t repeated it in the campgrounds table. However, I can sort the campgrounds table by the trip, which is the linked field, but I cannot use the date as the secondary sort. Is there a way to do this without including a separate date field in the campground table?


The field must be included in the table for it to be available to sort with. In that case, add a new field to your campgrounds table and use the Lookup field type to link it to the date field from the trips table.

This field will be automatically populated when you link a campground to a trip and will be available as a secondary sort which is what you are interested in. You can optionally hide this date lookup field if you don’t want it shown in this table and it will still work in the sort.


Thank you! I will try that out.


Tried it, but when I go to Lookup as the field type I am given the choice of which table and record, but not a specific field in the record. Am I just confused?


Whichever field in the campgrounds table that links back to the trips table is that one that you will use in the first dropdown of the Lookup field configuration.

Here is my quick mockup of what I think your campgrounds tables looks like:

And here is the Lookup field configuration which uses the Trip field that links to the trips table which contains the Date field you are after.

I may just be misunderstanding your setup as well.