Provide input in an interface


We have built an interface and would like to have external users to access and provide input on the interface directly. This is a once a year exercise, so we would invite them as read-only. My question is, can read-only users enter values into a record in an interface? In case they can’t which type of user would be able to do this and would that type of user incur in any cost?
For context, we ended up building an interface as opposed to building form as we need one user to update multiple existing records (i.e. provide a consumption value), the form is not really good in this case as we have multiple records which are expecting consumption values, the form limited us to 1 record.

Any ideas we might have overlooked?


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Only users with editor (or higher) permissions will be able to input data in the interface. Currently, non-collaborators cannot access the interface. Read only collaborators cannot edit or create data. For most plans, you will have to pay for collaborators who can edit data.

You can look into building a portal for you external users. There are several portals available, all with a monthly fee.

Thank you Kuovonne, where can I read more about these portals?

Two popular portals are and


Also, a brand new one that just came out a few weeks ago for Airtable is, although they do have history with Google Sheets.

And there are a few others as well.