Rate limitation on Airtable Attachment links


I see that there is a rate limitation on querying Airtable records. But is there a limitation on Airtable attachment links?

I am building a table (and form) where users can upload multiple files for one entry. Later I would need to download these images off Airtable to a local DB. When downloading the CSV from Airtable, the attachments appear as links from Airtable. Would like to know if there is any specific rate limit on hitting these URLs.


Airtable has not published a rate limit on attachment links. Since those urls need to be accessed by Airtable itself when displaying attachments to users, I double you need to worry about a rate limit.

However, Airtable has stated that they are not designed to serve as a content delivery network (CDN) for attachment data. A one-time download of attachment images wouldn’t be a problem, but you cannot count on being able to use the same url to get the same file over time.

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Perfect, thanks. And yes, it should be a one time download from our side as well, so that we store the files on our server later.

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