Record Name Not Pulling

I have a view where the primary field is an autonumber generator. About 12 hours ago my code below would have output the list of the IDs of all of the records in a view:

let Table = base.getTable(TABLE_NAME);
let view = Table.getView(VIEW_NAME)
let query = await view.selectRecordsAsync();
for (let record of query.records) {

However, it is now saying that each of these records is unnamed. Oddly, the description of the “name” property says that it should be the string of the “Primary Cell Value”. Double clicking the autonumber field shows “This is the table’s primary field”. Can someone clarify my misunderstanding?

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Are you still experiencing this problem? Some people were experiencing problems with scripts earlier today, but those were resolved recently.

If you are still experiencing this problem, can you post screen captures?

I also suggest reaching out to support directly.

Thank you Kuovonne! Yes, this morning it appears to be working again. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

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