Recreational League Help - Want to go paperless

We are in the search to go to a paperless system for our Cornhole league that allows designated team members to enter their own stats and scores and then show various stats on another web page. The excel file that i have keeps track of everything but we are growing and it is becoming a bit cumbersome to enter all the results and stats every single week for every team. A friend of mine suggested Airtable, so here i am. Looking for any advice to judge if this is the right solution for us.

Quick rundown of our needs:

We gather to play once a week. Each night we play 3 other teams. Each team we play a best of three match. We would like to keep the score, winner and a few stats from each player for each game in the matches.

It would also be nice to have Airtable generate the schedule. I don’t mind doing the schedule manual in the beginning of the season, however, each teams need to seen their match ups for a given week when they are entering their score/stats. This should change weekly.

Furthermore, the teams can have up to six people, but only two can play at any given time. A team would need to be able to select who is playing and keep track of 3-4 stats of the players playing. The goal is to be able to track the stats per player/per game (as they go) as the stats are forgotten if not input right away.

I’m not sure if this is even possible. It would be alot of work it if is. I just want to know if this is even possible with Airtable? Is Airtable the route i want to go? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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