Remove 'the' from only the start of a field?

Hi, Sorry if this seems a simple issue, but I’ve got a table with a list of venues… some start with “the” (eg: The Royal Albert Hall).

I want to be able to display the list of venues in proper name order - ie: Royal Albert Hall, without “the”…

I’m thinking having the full name as one field, and a second, formula, field which removes THE if it’s the first word, but not if it’s in the middle of the name - eg: Her Majesty’s THEatre, or Auditorium at THE Excel Centre…

Could anyone help please? Thanks!

Yes, I would create a second formula field.

It could look something like this:

IF(Left({Venue Name},4)="The ",Replace({Venue Name}, 1, 4, ""),{Venue Name})

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Perfect - thank you!

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