Reset the row # when using autonumber and formulas

Hey all, new to AirTable!

So, I’ve setup a table which uses an Autonumber field in conjunction with formulas in two other fields to create an ID which will increment a base number (say, 10000 in this case) by the row number so whenever I create a new row, these two fields values will go 10001, 10002, etc…

So, it’s all working great, but when I delete the test rows, the autonumber doesn’t reset back to 1. I had to delete the field and re-create it to make it work - is there a better way?

Welcome to the community, @Dave_Case! :smiley: Deleting the field isn’t necessary to reset it. You can change the field to another type like single line next, then change it back to autonumber, and it’ll start over from 1 again.

Excellent! Thank you for the help!

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