Rollup: counting single specific records in field with multiple record links


i am trying to find a solution for following task:

I got 2 tables.
Table 1: "Polls"
Table 2: “Workers”

In Table 1: "Polls"
are all the polls we created this year as one record per poll.
In those polls records I have a field with multiple linked records .
(its all the workers that participate in that specific doodle poll, linked from table “Workers”)

Now in the Table 2: "Workers"
i want for each worker to create a field,
that counts the total participation of him/her in those doodle polls .
E.g. we had in Table1: “Polls” 10 polls during this year,
he/she participated in 5,
so this field should show “5”

Thats a rollup, i guess, that needs be able to read, whether a specific record (of worker) is found in the multiple record field.
…I am now stuck with the formula.
My approach was to create a rollup Column for each workers record
containing an IF-Formula,
sort of : IF( FIELD with multiple linked records contains this worker , create sum of all his participations)

Is there a way to achieve this?


Im also looking for similar, would love to know if you worked this out, tried contacting support seem unable.


This is what the Count field is for