Rollup field question


So I am using airtable to track various statistics for basketball. And I have 2 linked fields where I used lookup to input the data. Essentially there is a “class” column with 4 inputs from the records FR,SO,JR,SR and a “PER column” with 4 inputs (various numbers) inside the column.

I read the article on conditional rollups ( I tried to include the link, but they are not allowed, it is essentially
airtable . c o m/hc/en-us/articles/216544427-Conditional-rollups

and thought that would work, but every time I enter IF({Class} = “SR”, {PER}, 0)

  • the idea is to get the PER numbers when Class = “SR” -

a spinning circle pops up (equate it to an hourglass) and the numbers do not work.

Essentially I am trying to have each individual PER number in its own column for each year. So PER when SR , PER when JR, PER when SO, PER when FR

Does anyone have any ideas?