Running Total but for receiving invenotry

We are looking for a script similar to Running Total, except instead of adding the previous record to the one below it, etc it would add a Units Received field to a Total Received field everytime the Units Received field is updated.

How would I go about something like this?

One way would be to have a table called e.g. “deliveries” with “units received” field. It would be linked to products table which would use a Roll-up type field: Total Received. This field would use the SUM(Values) function.

Do you need a running total across multiple rows? Or is only a final total okay?

If you need a running total, you can adapt the running total script. Add the units received to the total received from the previous record to get the new total received. Continue down the rows.

If you only need the final total, go with Matt’s suggestion of linked records and a rollup field.

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