Saving airtable to google drive via zapier

hello to all,
i’ve created an airtable base with 1 table with different kind of infomation about invoices.
the fields are:
date of the invoice, name, and price.

i want to integrate airtable and google drive so that i can save those fields to google drive.
in zapier i saved those files into google drive but it only comes as plain text or google docs file.
as it clearly supposed to be an google sheet excel kinda file.

how can i save the file via zapier in excel format or even google sheets to google drive?

any help will be much appriciated!
thanks alot and have a great day.

You have a couple of options. If you want to do this a table at a time, you can export the table to a plain-text CSV and import that into Google Drive, which I (think will interpret that as a Sheets document, if desired.

For that, though, you ordinarily wouldn’t use Zapier. With Zapier, you more commonly would perform a record-by-record integration, using the SaaS integration utility to update your Sheet every time a record was added or met a criterion to show that record in an Airtable view. There are a number of prepackaged Airtable>Zapier and Zapier>Google integrations that you should be able to interconnect for such a record-by-record integration.

(I’m not quite sure about your comment beginning “in zapier i saved those files into google drive…”, so if I’ve misunderstood you, let me know, and I’ll try again.)