Scan barcoded item and have details show up in different record under same table

Hi, I’m an Airtable Newbie.
At work we are setting up an inventory of our items/assets to be checked in and checked out of our warehouse. We have an Asset Management Base set up and populated. The individual inventory records are barcoded as well.
What I’m looking to do in the same base, but under a different table, is run a check in/out list.
Ideally we would be able to use the Airtable mobile app > open up the base > go to our check in/out table > scan items in or out > have the table automatically fill in the designated fields.
At the moment, I don’t see anyway to do this, other than scanning the barcode and then manually linking to an existing record in the Asset Management table.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi @scaretable - this cab be done with Airtable Automations. Take a look at this post for the general setup:

But now, instead of copying the values from the scanned field into the linked field you can use an automation to do this for you:

When a record is created -> Update record -> Set the linked field to be the value of the scanned field

Thanks @JonathanBowen, I appreciate the reply. I’ll give this a shot and post on my progress/outcome.
Thanks again.

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