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Hello Community!

I need to calculate the score of a record based on that record’s numeric value.
My records’ numeric values can be anywhere between 1 and 100, and I need to set a score between 1 and 10 to each value based on how high that value is, like so:

1-3 => 1
3-5 => 2
5-10 => 3
10-20 =>4… you get the idea

My problem is with setting up a formula - whet I try to set it like this:

IF(Value>1,1,(IF(Value>3,2,… etc.

the result only reads the first parameter (value>1 => returns 1) and it doesn’t compute when the value of the record is more than 3, it still returns me 1.

How can that be fixed?

There are at least 3 or 4 different ways that I can think of to create a formula for this, but if we stick with the formula that you’ve already created, then just reverse the order of the expressions. Start with the highest number and progress to the lowest number.

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Hey @ScottWorld (again :smiley: )

It worked! That’s weird, I thought I tried it! Thanks a lot!!!

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