Scraping external data into Airtable automatically

Hi guys! Reasonably new to all of this.

I want to populate my Base with csv data from a scraping tool I am using. However, I want this to be automatic. I have a scrape set up to run once a day, and I want this new csv data to transfer directly into my base without me having to upload/import it manually every day.

I am wondering a couple of things:

  • I’m semi-familiar with Zapier. How is this possible in Zapier? Seeing as my scraping tool doesn’t have an app to be the trigger, how do I set this up?
  • IS this possible without Zapier (the scraping tool gives me an API URL that I can send GET requests with, is this of use?)

I know I’m close to a solution herem but I just can’t put the pieces together in my head, and I’m really not very familiar with APIs or GET requests at all.

Any help would be appreicated. Thanks so much.


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