Search Across Multiple Databases



I’ve just come across Airtable and was experimenting with it as an alternative to Google Sheets. My question is, if my application requires multiple databases, can string searches be performed across them?



hummmm, i don’t thing you can !


You could setup multiple tables for each “database” you need to search against and then create a table that performs Lookups across the other tables and use that table as your Search table. To further assist in the searching can create the primary ID field to include all the lookup information in one line.

I.e. Tables: Names, Orders, Shipments, Search

Search Lookups: {Names} - {Orders} - {Shipments}


Are you saying use multiple tables rather than multiple databases?

Because you can’t do a lookup from a seperate database


Correct, use Multiple Tables and perform your Lookups into one Master Table.