Seeking consultant to help with Hubspot-like Airtable setup

I’m new to Airtable, and am just starting to familiarize myself with its functionality.

In the past, I’ve utilized all-in-one solutions for CMS + CRM + marketing (email, SMM). Hubspot has been my go-to. But I see the value of Airtable over the long haul for building custom apps (both internal and customer-facing).

I’d like to set up a system in Airtable that offers a range of functionality:

  • CRM
  • CMS / website (maybe just integrating with Webflow rather than using Airtable itself?)
  • Email marketing (presumably via some integration)
  • Ads and retargeting (again, with integration(s))

I’m not sure how realistic this is, so I’m looking for some guidance. I have a marketing + (lightweight) devs background, so I don’t necessarily need someone to do 100% of the work here – more just looking for someone to work in a consulting capacity.

Ideally you’re an expert in Airtable and a no-code website builder like Webflow. You should also have strong design skills, and enough marketing chops and familiarity with an all-in-one solution like Hubspot to understand what I’m looking to do (and, of course, to help me get there).

Looking forward to hearing from you.


PM sent please check.


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