Select an option from a list and input a value?

I am using Airtable to track food products that are added to a pallet and then record the date codes for shipping.
I would like to have my employees be able to select one of our 20 products from a list and then input the code date for that selected product as they build the pallet. There may be up to 10 products on a pallet. Is this possible?

Single Select Product 1---->Input code Date (020221)
Single Select Product 2---->Input code Date (050323)
Single Select Product 3---->Input Code Date (061926)

Hi @Justin_Cain - I recommend this as a base design for the scenario you describe:

3 tables - Pallets, Pallet Items and Products. It all comes together in the Pallet Items table, which has linked fields to both Pallets and Products:

This is the place where you can add your code date to each product on a pallet