Select items with a form


Hello everyone, first time posting here.

I want to give the Airtable solution for a client that basically has a very big catalog/data base of furniture products (10k, changing products) and he has to select more or less 300 - 500 for each time he has to send a new campaign to his retailers.

For the new campaign he bases his choice on furniture model, color, tissue, sells froms last year, etc…

He has all the information in the table, but what’s very hard to do is the selection process.

Is it possible to create like a form to find and select the products that I want?
For example:

Select the model (multiple choice selection)

Select a color (multiple choice selection)

Select a size…

So at the end I can have all the items that corresponds to this answers selected and ready to create a new view/table?

Thank you very much.


This is somewhat possible with an upcoming feature that allows you to link to specific views. I’m not sure when it will be released, but I’m a beta tester for it right now and you/he might be able to request it from the staff.

Basically, it allows you to limit record selection to a specific view. So he’d do this:

Create a new grid view
Filter the products to his specifications
Create a form with a Linked Records field that links only to that view so that his clients can see only selecte the ones in that view.


Hello Kayla,

Thank you for your answer!

I’d love to request this feature, this would determinant to selling this option to my client.

How can I request it?

Thank you again


You should be able to just contact them via the Help icon in the upper right corn of your screen from your profile.