Sending Customers Their Records for Completion


Hi all,

Im new to Airtable and was hoping someone could help me with a work around to a feature I don’t think is available yet.

I’m looking to create a booking system for my small business where I take some of the customers details over the phone (name, phone etc.) but they then finish filling their other details (address etc.) out via either a sent form or a private version of the form via our website.

Is something like this possible using airtable?


I think you need two tables.

Table 1: you input the info you take over the phone, each item gets its own field of course. Then there’s one extra field with some sort of unique ID (could be an autonumber to keep it simple).

Table 2: One linked field to that unique ID from Table 1, and fields for the remaining data you need to collect. Make a form of Table 2 and send people the link to the form with the unique ID field pre-filled. {link to form} followed by “?prefill_” followed by {the exact name of the unique ID link field in Tabled 2, not Table 1; replace spaces with “+”} followed by “=” followed by {the exact Unique ID for that customer; replace any spaces with “+”}

Go back to Table 1 and add lookup fields of the additional data you collect for Table 2.


Problem solved! Many thanks :slight_smile: