Shopping List by Recipe with multiple quantities


Hi, I’m developing an automated Order/Recipe/Stocking/Shopping List Manager in Airtable, and I am having sobre trouble with my shopping list. I want to have the values of the quantity of ingredients I need to buy accordingly to the recipes.

I already have the ingredients by quantity in each order (second column) and by recipe (third column), but they come in arrays, and cannot reach how much I have to buy (fifth column [#ERROR!]).

There’s an easier way to make this, or at least, an way to multiply the values of the array with other array, so I can reach the quantity of ingredients?


hey buddy,

I love tackling these kind of problems, create a dublicate and share it with me. Let me see how can I help you.


Here Sina, here’s a link, It’s in portuguese and I made some alterations, but any doubt let me know: