Show the updated record first

I have a zap setup to get some tweets from twitter. I’m creating a record in my base. The row is updating and I want the last updated row to show first.

Also I want to duplicate a column(image type) for every new record created.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

I really appreciate your time and thanks for helping me!

To show the last updated row first, create a new field that shows the last updated time. Then sort the view based on that field and keep the view sorted.

For duplicating the column, can you give more information about the information that you want duplicated? Usually databases are designed to avoid storing duplicate information. However, there are use cases where it makes sense to duplicate info.

Hey thanks for sending this. Sort worked perfectly and now I can see the last updated record first.

So the reason why I want to auto update one column is it’s an icon and for every new record the icon is missing which I need manually to these newly added records. Hope I explained it right!

It sounds like you want to set the icon as the default value for new records. However, Airtable does not currently support default values for attachment or single line text fields.

One workaround is to write or adapt a script to set the value.

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