Sql type queries features


I’m absolutely brand new to this platform. I have a largish Excel spreadsheet of donations by donor versus time. Does your software allow queries (similar SQL) of these data?

Thanks, Mike


Airtable does allow that, yes.

In Airtable, a query is made by fashioning a “View”. All of your records will be in table form by default (looking much like your spreadsheet, but ultimately behaving very differently):


That view doesn’t really have any “query” language filtering it, except to hide some fields (columns) that I don’t need to see.

But here’s the power of Airtable - making a query is as simple as fashioning a “View” using filtering, grouping, and sorting to show me exactly the data I want to see I that view, and organized in the way I want to see it:

now I’m viewing all the same records, but grouped first by my “Assessment” field, then by my “Category” field, so that similar records are grouped together

here’s the grouping menu for the view you see above

I can add a filter to show me only records for the “2018 - ADOT (Phoenix)” Assessmente

So in that “View” in the last screenshot there, I am essentially making a query something like:
(I’m a novice at SQL, so please excuse any syntax mistakes)

SELECT Method, Demod_By, Notes, etc.. FROM Method-Demos 
WHERE Assessment LIKE '2018 - ADOT' AND Location = 'Phoenix' 
GROUP BY Assessment, Method-Category

So a view is essentially just a saved query built by using a graphical interface.

Things like data aggregation can be done either with formulas in new fields (which can be hidden/showed in a View) or also in Join Tables (just creating a new table that links to records from 2 or more other tables, pulls in the data from them, and then aggregates it as needed). So aggregations and joins are not done directly in the View query, but rather done by building new tables or formula fields.

Airtable is, first and foremost, a database, and it behaves mostly as you’d expect a SQL system to behave, only with a graphical interface.

Hope that helps