Struggling with what seems to be a simple IF formula

I have 2 fields that both sum up strings of currency. One is the sum of services and the other s a sum of the money paid in. If they total to the same, then my drawer should be balanced. The sums are the same in both fields. Originally, I had an if formula that contained the same sum action that is in {Paid In} because I would rather use an IF formula to tell me if they are the same, rather than comparing the two myself. I thought they must not be the same, so I created the {Paid In} field to check. They are indeed balanced, but the formula does not recognize this as so.
My formula:
IF({Paid In}={Gross Income},“√”,“CHECK BALANCE”)
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The reason they’re not balancing is because you’re only seeing the “rounded” totals for both “Paid In” and “Gross Income”. If you actually change the formatting of those 2 formula fields to display more decimal points than just 2 decimal points, then you will see that there is actually a rounding difference between both of those fields.

So, one solution would be to round those numbers in your “Balance” formula like this:

IF(ROUND({Paid In},2)=ROUND({Gross Income},2),"√","CHECK BALANCE")

However, an even better option would be to go back to both your “Paid In” formula and your “Gross Income” formula, and apply the ROUND function to both of those formulas.

That way, your numbers will ALREADY be rounded by the time they get evaluated by your “Balance” formula.

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I guess there was a hiccup. I did have the round functions in the individual formulas. I refreshed the page and all is good. I knew it was something stupid. Thank you for your time.

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