I have a formulat with prices, like that : € 440,00

I need to convert this value to : 440.00

I’m using the formula SUBSTITUTE({Prix}, "€", "") to remove the €.

But I would like to Also convert the “,” in “.”.

Do you know how can I add a new part to my formula please ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi there @Arthur! Welcome to the Airtable community :slight_smile:

Try this…

TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE({Prix}, "€", ""), ",", "."))

The TRIM() function will remove any white space (looks like there is a space between your currency symbol and number). You could also use…

VALUE(TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE({Prix}, "€", ""), ",", ".")))

To convert the value to an actual number (as opposed to a string) if you’ll need to perform calculations with it later on.

Hope this is helpful!

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