Sum the Sum of Sums (Over Separate Tables)


I have one Base for all my expenses, and within it several Tables, each documenting different categories of expenses.

For example, I have a dedicated Table for Daily expenses, another for Subscriptions, one for Business etc.

Every Table has a different format depending on the data points I am collecting for each of records (expenses) aka money going out.

My goal is to have a Table that collects the SUMS of all other Tables. In a spreadsheet you would sum all sums, but how do you do it with Airtable over different Tables?

Before anyone suggests the obvious, to put all expenses on one Table and use multi-selects and Views & filtering. I prefer to have them on different sheets in order to compartmentalise and keep things separate which also decreases the risk for mistakes.

So, it this possible without using the API in some way?
Can (probably a feature suggestion) the Summary bar be modified/extended?


Easiest way would be to create another table with a single record, link every other record to it, and define a bunch of rollup variables in that one-row table with an aggregation function of SUM(values).

I know it sounds insane when you get to the bold-face words in the top line, but it’s actually incredibly simple to do; you could knock it out in 10 minutes or less. Take a look at the first three bullet points (including the little baby bullets under the third entry) in this reply from a couple of days ago for a step-by-step how-to.