Sync firebase once a record is updated on my airtable base


I have several used cases that I’ve been able to manage well with cloud functions.

However the only use case that I cannot find a way to manage is how to update my firebase database when a airtable record is updated, I can use zappier to keep my db updated when a new record is created, but there is not support (as far as I know) from update records.

Has anyone crossed with this case?


The perfect solution would be if Airtable implemented webhooks. This way your Firebase Cloud Function would be invoked any time an update is done.

The solution right now would be a combination of cron job and a hash.

You could create a field with a formula that summed the data of all the other fields and returned a number.

In another table you could make a rollup of that field and sum all the values. This way, whenever a new record is added or a field is updated the value of the rollup would change.

Now, you could create a cron job that would ping your cloud function once an hour for example.

Then, your cloud function would check what happened.

Not a great solution,