Syntax for Automation Script Input

I’m just needing a hand with the Automation Scripting Syntax - I can push it to Console.Log, but just struggling to pull/assign the input values to variables.

I’m trying to get local time date stamping into fields, really struggling to get my head around the timezones, when I think I’ve got the problem solved, it’s not. So I figure that if I pull the time of when the script actually executes, surely that will reflect the correct date.

Look at the text at the top of your screen capture about input.config(). You need to use input.config() to get the input variables.

let inputConfig = input.config()

let _input_date  inputConfig["_input_date"]

Ahh, perfect, I understand the syntax now. Any tips for formatting time? It seems to come through as local time, but I’m sure it wasn’t when I first started looking into writing this script two weeks ago…

let _input_date = input.config()._input_date;

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