Task Template Copying


I am trying to recreate the capabilities of my existing task management system within Airtable.

One of the features I really like in my existing task system is that I can create a template for a common set of tasks. For example, if I am going to set up a new Wordpress web site, I might have 45 or more tasks to be completed. With my existing system, I can just use a command to create a new task list from template and it is set up in seconds.

I am looking at a way to do this in Airtable. I thought of creating a separate Airtable base just for my various task templates and then copying them over to my new Airtable as needed, but it looks like I can’t copy between bases easily. And, since I already have over 30 templates, adding them to the existing Airbase is going to make the tabs far too busy.

Any ideas on how to replicate this capability?



Hi ,

The way I am approaching this is to have a task template with all tasks for different project types. This has a type , milestone and category field populated . Eg. Website, deployment, off page SEO.

I group this template by type and copy all.

I then have a project task table . It’s first fields correlate with the task template field order.

Then paste. You just need to select the project for the first task and drag to copy for all. If you created a dummy task first and grouped by project you could paste and the project would be auto filled.

It’s manual and I hope someone posts a better way. I guess Airtable isn’t a task app. Some manual operations like this are not so bad. Internal scripting would be nice. I don’t know how people do this with zapier.