Time conversion switches "pm" to "am"

I’m combining 2 fields (1 with date, 1 with time) into one single time+date field.
Problem: when it combines the time, it switches a time that was in “pm” to “am”.
Any ideas on how to solve this?
many thanks :slight_smile:

I found this thread after discovering your other one from a few days ago, where you were asking about date/time extraction from a string. I’m not sure what method you’re using to get the value in the {Turn extracted date into date format} field, but you’re definitely getting a lot of inconsistent results, so my gut says that your initial extraction isn’t working as cleanly as it should. I’m going to focus my comments in that other thread for now to see if I can help you get a better initial extraction, and then we can tackle this side of things if necessary.

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thank you @Justin_Barrett :slight_smile:

Agree, we can keep this conversation in this thread for now: Extracting date from string

You can ignore the inconsistency (it’s old data). The new data is in this specific format “Thu 7/06 9:00am - Vinyasa Yoga @ Millennium Park” and I have made the formulas work with this format only.
I think your solution in the other thread can work very well, but the FIND function is returning 0 (FIND("-",{Class Title}) ) which I don’t understand why.

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