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I am trying to create a base to track contributions. I am tracking the contributors, different funds, and the contributions themselves. Each is in its own table and I am cross-linking the Funds table and the Contributors table in the Contributions table. I also have a roll-up for total contributions for each contributor and I have a roll-up for the total amount received per fund. I then created a form to input. This works pretty well. The problem I am running into is if someone contributes to multiple funds then you have to submit a single form per fund. I would like to be able to enter the amount given to each fund in one record. That could be done by just making a field for each fund type in the contributions table, but that prevents me from being able to get a roll-up of the total contributions to a specific fund in the Funds table at least as far as I can figure out. Is there a way to give the end-user inputting the data the ability to input all the funds being contributed to by a person while still being able to have the overall roll up in the funds tab?


Hi @scarletshadow and welcome to the community!

In a somewhat similar use case, I’ve created an automation to update or create different fields/records starting from a received form.


Thank for that info. That did work, but it’s really not what I was hoping for. Though what I want may not be possible. I appreciate the help.

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