Bulk scanning items for inventory check in and out

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Hi all,

i run a maintenance company and we are looking for a solution that allows us to assign a large amount of tooling out to each team/individual. There was a previous topic titled “help tracking check in/out equipment for our small video studio using barcodes” this was helpful but i need to be able to do a bulk scan rather then input each item separately.

for example, team one come to the tool container and grabs 20 items of tooling each has its own barcode assigned to it. ideally we open up a table named team 1, quickly scan all 20 items and they appear in that table. upon return they are scanned again and removed from that table.

this is just my initial thoughts, maybe someone has a better idea on how to set it up, it just needs to be efficient as a lot of equipment will be signed in and out daily

thanks heaps !

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One quick solution would be to program your barcode scanner to use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT-ENTER after each scan. This would work on grid view in Airtable, so every time you finish scanning a barcode, it would automatically create a new record, ready for you to scan again.