Tracking fields that are updated in a table A and turning on corresponding checkbox in table B

I have table A with 5 fields and table B with 5 fields each corresponding to those in table A. Table B are checkboxes. If a field is filled in table A then I want to checkbox the corresponding field in table B. I want to use automation and formula. Please suggest how to do this.

Yes, you could do that with Automations, but maybe you could have all that information in the same Table. Can you share more information about your case?

Just add a trigger for When a record updates, select Table A and Field 1, and add an action to update field 1 in table B. The same for the other fields.

I got it to work seamlessly with another table using triggers and actions. I have for table A, a table A_checklist which tracks fields with entries in A and updates in realtime.