Trying to understand collaboration


I’m new to Airtable. I’m trying to understand how collaboration works (in the free version).

I’m collaborating with an older gentleman who is not very computer literate. If I try to collaborate with him using Airtable I don’t want to complicate his life. He can handle ordinary emails, but I don’t want him to have to learn Airtable or any other product.

I need something that will allow me to easily collect emails for a given task without a lot of clumsy copy & paste. Will Airtable work this way?


From where? Airtable is easy to use, but some concepts are complex. It all depends on your goals and type of proyect.

Tell us what you wanna do, but you always have to type or paste an email, unless you are automating the task.


I think you answered my question.

I’m actually looking for something that has an email client, such as the desktop version of Outlook, actually built-in. I’ve done several web searches and found nothing. (Maybe i’m not using the right search terms!) I’ve found lots of products with chat built in, but that requires that my collaborator learn the product. I want to avoid that situation. Maybe the best I can do is find a good to do app with notes/comments and copy & paste emails …


Could you explain your base structure (tables and fields) and what do you need your collaborator to do? Or simply what do you need to achieve. So we could advice you with this! :slight_smile: