Tshirt mockup generator

we run printshop business and use airtable for collecting orders. we would like to allow client to build their own designs and create mockups for tshirt. I wonder if anyone has an Idea for some third party tool that can be integrated with airtable.

Hi @Edward_Zevelev,
This is very interesting.

How do you currently allow customers to do this? Is this something you want to make public facing so that anyone can submit a design?

artboard.studio looks interesting, though I have never used it.

Look. artboard is cool.
but there are really a huge number on online mockup tools both free and paid.
the hard part is - integrating the into your form (iframe possibly) and even harder is how you collect the resulting file right into where you want it in air table.

What about a third party portal (Softr, MiniExtensions, Stacker, Glide, etc.) for capturing the customer’s image. And a Cloudinary integration to combine the customer’s image with a preset T-shirt image.

Exactly. We capture images by miniextensions, and we have tested a couple image combining solutions.
We got some decent results too. But it can’t be compared we the tool that allows client to actually see what he is doing.
Still looking…

I know of 3 image generation tools, all of which can be automated with scripting or with Make.

And there are probably dozens more to choose from, too:

API Template:



Thank you Scott

You can add Placid.app to your list. It is wonderful too.
However, all these tools generate the mockup after the form is submitted. What I was looking for is tool that can allow you actually create mockup during form submission.
There are a lot of plugins for wordpress and stand alone tools like placeit.com, but nothing I could find for airtable integration.
That’s my quest

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Thanks for the tip! Placid looks great!

And Make supports Placid too!

Also, check pabbly.com for make/zapier alternative. I found it awesome and dirt cheap.

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