Upcoming Change Regarding Attachment URLs

I have a question regarding the upcoming change to Attachments within bases on Airtable (the annoucement email that just came out a few days ago). I am especially concerned about the expiring URLs and am not sure if this will impact my business. Right now, I use Airtable to create a weekly availability for flowers. I share a link to each week’s table via email and customers have a 7 day window to place orders. My weekly availability includes photos in the Attachment column. These photos are either uploaded directly from my computer or uploaded as screenshots. The change that is coming in November, does this mean after a few hours my customers won’t be able to view the photos in my shared Grid View of my weekly availability? If this means my customers will lose access to my photos a few hours after I send them my weekly email, then how do I go about “fixing” this before it becomes a problem?

If you are sending your customers to a shared view, then this change will not affect you.


Thank you for replying.

Yes, I am providing a link via the Shared View. I am so relieved. I have literally hundreds of photos for all of my flowers throughout the year and was not looking forward to such an overhaul.

Thank you again.

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