Update Status of a Record via Form

Hello Airtable Community!

I am going to make this simple and sweet. Is there any way to accomplish what this article is doing, but instead of just updating the primary “Name” field, I can update a status? This may not be possible but I figured it was worth a shot.

Our organization essentially has a lot of people outside of our admin team that we delegate the “status” of a particular project and need a way for them to update this status through a form submission and without having access to Airtable. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

Hi @its.JEthSUS
I am pretty sure you can, give it a shot.

As Vivid stated, this is definitely doable via automations and the guide you linked

If you don’t want to deal with automations, you could set up a form that asks the respondent to select the project they’re maintaining from a Linked field and set it’s status

Then you could use a combination of rollups and lookups to display the latest form submission as well

@its.JEthSUS You could also use an advanced form and portal tool like MiniExtensions.com to do this as well.