Update subsequent fields based on initial field selection

I have a table that tracks the steps and results in a process. Sometimes we modulate the steps, but often the steps remain the same over multiple submissions/rows.

For example, we have molds that need to be cleaned using a variety of different tools, solvents, and methods. I have a column titled Mold Cleaning with options “Standard” and “R&D”. I would like to be able to have subsequent columns autofill based on the selection in this column. If “Standard” is selected, then I would like the tools/solvents/methods to input our standard selections for that. If “R&D” is selected then I would like for the tools/solvents/methods to remain blank for input.

Can this be done through scripting or some other means?

Hi @Ky_Van_der_Hoeff - you can do this with a script, but you can also do it with a non-script automation. Something like this (simplified):

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Ah! The beauty of simplicity. Thank you. And now I have a somewhat better grasp on using Automations!

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