Generating Notifications When Updating a Record

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I have a Product Management Base that houses a series of production deadlines. As each deadline, set in its respective Date field, approaches the 72-hour mark, a corresponding Function field flips from “Work In Progress” to “Upcoming.”

My question is as follows: is there a way for this change to trigger an email, either through Zapier or Integromat? From what I’ve seen of Zapier, it’s Airtable triggers only involve adding new records, not updating existing ones.

I’m new to integration so anything helps!

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You should be able to trigger Integromat or Zapier by when a record enters a view, so make a filtered view that only shows records with “Upcoming” status.

Or do this from within Airtable itself using a built-in Automation triggered on “When record matches conditions”

Hi Kamille,

Thanks for this. I was able to create a filtered view that only shows records with “Upcoming” status. I was also to create a Zap that would send an email when a record is added to that view. However, when setting up the Zap, I was a bit confused by the “Customize Email” section and had some questions …

By setting up a Zap, would an email be sent only to me? Or is there a way to specify who receives the email?

Is the email just a generic ping? Or does it call attention to what field is now “Upcoming” and needs attention?

Also, is there a typical delay when the records are updated? I added new records into this view but am yet to receive a single email, even though I received the test emails.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like your questions are now specifically about Zapier and not Airtable, so I would recommend using a premade Zapier “recipe” to send emails based on a record entering a view: