Updating cells with IDs from another table dynamically

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I am struggling with a trigger, that should add all possible IDs from another table’s row to a specific record. When activated, the ‘visibility_all’ trigger should fill in all possible regions via an automation:

Screenshot 1:

The automation method I use is “When a record matches conditions”, see here:

Screenshot 2:

Everything works perfectly as long as I add the IDs manually from the other table, see here:

screenshot 3:

screenshot 4:

My question: Is there a way I can solve this not only more elegantly but maybe completely dynamic via either the correct way to use this automation or via script? (there are other visibility triggers like ‘teams’, that could grow in numbers and therefor would need manual updates in the future)

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Since there are only 7 regions, and the Find Records step has a limit of 100 records it can “find”, you can add a Find Records step before your Update Record step that looks for records in the “regions” table where the “regions” field is not empty. Then your Update Record step’s “visibility_regions” box could insert the list of matching record ids.

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that is a great solution!
thanks for the quick response also!

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