Updating Records with Select Fields

I’ve gone documentation blind, so my apologies for what is likely an obvious question.

What is the syntax for traversing/updating nested objects. Specifically,

Simple Type works fine:
await table.updateRecordAsync(record.id,{“Estimate ID”:12345})

This does not:
await table.updateRecordAsync(record.id,{“Status”:‘Estimate’})

Second one is a single select field, and based on the error, I’m supposed to address it like an array or a nested object - but neither . nor notation seems to work, and I don’t see any call or casting functions that apply.

Please tell me what Im missing.

await table.updateRecordAsync(record.id, {
  "Status": {name: 'Estimate'}

Thank you, works perfectly.

I swear I tried that - I must have had some other error when I did.

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