Use a field in one table to make a calculation in another table

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Airtable and I’m trying to transition my logical thinking to relational databases from Excel but i’m struggling with something…

I’ve recently imported an Excel worksheet into Airtable that contained form data and formulas on the same worksheet. In Airtable, I have been creating the tables I need and linking them to the main Data table where possible. In the Excel file, there is a form that I have also replicated in Airtable.

The use case is that the form is filled out by a user and once submitted, a new line is entered into the Data table.

The first 20 fields/columns within the Data table are for the inputted data from the form. The next 10 fields/columns are supposed to be calculations based on some of the data from the form and some data from other tables (vlookup from Excel).

I am now trying to replicate the formulas that the Excel worksheet had (Vlookup) in Airtable but I don’t know how to use the value of another table in a formula of the current table.


I have a table called Products which lists a set of products and their properties (e.g. density).
In one of the formula fields in my Data table, I would like to take the density of the product selected in the form and multiply it by the sum of Thickness (which is a field coming from the form)/1000 (Density*(Thickness/1000).

Since Density is in another table, how do I access it?


Hi @Scott_Callery,

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You can use the Lookup field as long as the records are linked.


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