View description issue

I’m pretty sure that in the past there was an info icon next to the view name, which showed the view description when you hovered over it.

That has gone. 2 days ago I had no way to view the description at all, unless I edited it.

Today I can see the descriptin when I hover over the view name (info icon still gone), but the formatting is lost (no paragraph spacing) and it’s truncated:

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 19.57.24

This isn’t great, as I was using the view description to provide summary instructions for users, to reminde them what they should be doing there. (And so they don’t need to refer to our documentation constantly.)

Apologies if I’ve missed a ticket on this. I did search but couldn’t see anything.

Replying to my own ticket to provide info to anyone looking for what happened to this: Released: Favorite Views - #8 by Christina_McGuire

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