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Hi Community,
I need your help !

I have a webshop.
All my product and collection are sync from Shopify to Airtable.
My need : i want a view by collection and i want to see all the product in the collection.

Actually i have 2 views :

First :
One column with a list a product and one column with all the collection by line.

Second view :

I have the collection on the first column and all the product associate in one line on column 2

My need : i want to see my product by collection (group by)

For exemple :

Collection A :
Product A
Product B
Product C

Collection B
Product A
Product B

Knowing that there may be the same product in several collections.

Can you help me please ?

Thank’s a lot,


That is only possible by creating a many-to-many relationship, which requires a 3rd table.

Airtable’s guide on many-to-many relationship is here:

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