View links between fields in all the tables in a chart view - with relationship connection lines

Hello - I just upgraded to the Pro-plan because it said the org chart allows you to “view hierarchical links between linked records” - but what I didn’t realize until now is that only works for fields within the same table. I’m trying to view how I’ve linked my tables (which I built in the “free” version) - I need to see this visually with connector lines showing the relationships (one to one, one to many, etc) between the tables - can someone help me figure out how to view all of these relationships at once on the page with connector lines? I’ve scoured the help resources and cannot find it. I’m worried this doesn’t exist?!!

Hi @Meg_Lewis,

I can’t think of anything within Airtable itself that would give you this kind of hierarchical, visual display of linked record relationships. There are external tools that can do that.

Perhaps someone else has a clever way to do this that they can suggest, but in the event that this turns out not to be possible, it’s worth knowing that Airtable will prorate the cost of the Pro plan to the day (possibly even to the hour) at the next billing cycle if you cancel your plan before the month is up, and I think they refund you for the unused time if you are not continuing your subscription.

Thank you for that reply! It’s surprising to me that I can’t visually see how my tables are linked. I’ll play around a little more, but that seems essential to being able to create any database even remotely more complex than a couple tables. If anyone else has some tricks that help get you at least part-way there to seeing how tables are linked, that’d be helpful to hear!

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