Vimeo and youtube link to Airtable


Is there a way I can link my Vimeo or Youtube likes
or albums/playlist to Airtable?

Is there also a way to create an automated thumbnail where I can
view those videos in a gallery view.

It would be nice, and then I can use it as a database with the advance filter options Airtable is offering.



You would need to use the Airtable API to connect your Youtube and Vimeo likes or albums/playlist to your Airtable base.

You could do this either via some code (JAVA, PHP etc) or you could use some third party such as Zapier.


Thanks for the fast answer…
I just found this here on Vimeo
it create an code for that what I am looking for

https:// developer. vimeo. com/ api/reference/ likes#get_likes

but is there any tutorial how I can place this code into Airtable


There is no place to put the code on Airtable as such.
I would suggest that you look into a third party such as Zapier which would help you integrate Airtable with Vimeo or Youtuber.

A quick Google search for “Zapier tutorials” should point you in the right direction