What's the best practice to design a new column/cell based on other columns?

Hi all,

First, I want to thank you for your help with various issues. Some of these issues got resolved by only reading, others resolved by opening new threads like this one.

I wasn’t sure if this issue related to the Automation forum, or the Formula forum - so I thought it would be best to use a general forum. Feel free to change its location as you wish!

I need your help with choosing the best method to design a new field based on other fields.
This process needs to be done on more than one view in the same table, for different clients.
On each table, I want to create a new column that contains data from 2 different columns and convert data for the third one.


Let’s say I have a column named ‘Fup’ and contains multiple tags (fup1, fup1b, fup3, fup32, fup21c, etc.)
I have another column named “User” and another column named “Receiver Name”.

I want to create a new column, let’s call it “Fup text” with a long text based on the above columns.


Fup column: fup2
User column: Steve
Receiver Name: Dan

fup2 text:
Hi {Receiver.First.Name},

I just wanted to say hi and check if you saw my last message.


Fup text column will be:

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to say hi and check if you saw my last message.


What’s the best practice to implement the above logic, while having many follow-ups versions, and many views for different clients?
I’ve tried using the SUBSTITUTE formula, but I think it’s not the best fit for this problem, as it’s so difficult to implement a nested and complicated one.
Also, I’ve tried using automation, but I have identical pitches for different clients (let’s say fup2 are on Google and also on Amazon)

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks again!

Bumping the thread with an example of a given table with the fields and the outcome. Maybe it’ll help.
I tried to embed it here, but it didn’t work so here’s a link to the table:

The idea is that the Fup text will be only visible on the code itself. Then, it’ll take the fup tag value and print accordingly the relevant Fup text.
Phase 2 will be changing {First.Name} to the relevant record first name, and {User.Name} to the relevant user name.

Again, any help would be great!

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