When importing Airtable data in Adalo it skips some records

When I import the Airtable data as external collection in Adalo it skips some cells. I then have to add data into each cell and then import them back. Some times it works and sometime it doesn’t. It is very frustrating doing this back and forth.

Does anyone has faced this issue and how do I resolve this.

I don’t have experience with Adalo, but I’ve seen several posts recently from other Adalo users. You might try searching the forum for “Adalo” to see who else is talking about it, and reach out directly.

On a general note, partial data coming through feels like there might be an issue with the code making the API request from Airtable. Are you writing the request yourself? Can you share more about the process you’re using?

My hunch is it is skipping cells where there is no data.

I have to fill dummy data in each cell for 2 rows before importing in Adalo. Only then it appears in the collection.

It is so strange that before I import the data as external collection in Adalo I have to fill each cell with data and i have to do this for consecutive 2 rows. Only after this the data gets reflected.

Yep; that is likely a shortcoming of the Adalo-Airtable interface that they provide. This is precisely the reason I don’t use internal Adalo integration features.

Ideally, the Adalo integration would have you populate a dummy record that it learns from and is thereafter aware of the complete data schema.