Why are these numbers not equal, when they actually are?

I have tried wrapping both fields in VALUE(field), ABS(field), etc.

How do I get this to behave?

What is the reasoning behind this?


Hard to tell from what you show here.

There is a known Airtable bug having to do with implicit conversions during comparisons that might be raising its ugly head here.

Alternatively, depending on how the field that is referenced by {[moneybag]Received} is derived — or, for that matter, the original source for {[infinity]Received} — you might be comparing values with a different number of significant digits. Try wrapping both in ROUND({Field},2) to see if it helps. You could also try changing the formatting for both fields to decimal with 3 or more significant digits to see if the values are, indeed, the same.


W_Vann_Hall Strikes again! Perfect solution!!. :slight_smile: